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 I prefer Holbein paints and use the following colors:

 Cadmium red light
Terra Rosa
Yellow ochre and/or gold ochre (I usually use gold ochre)
Permanent yellow deep
Permanent yellow light
Permanent orange (the permanent colors are substitutes for cadmiums)
Terra verte
Ultramarine blue deep
Mineral violet
Crimson lake or alizarin crimson
Burnt sienna

 White (preferably a white with a more fluid consistency) e.g. Gamblin, Rembrandt or Holbein Titanium

 NOTE: Terra verte, mineral violet and gold ochre are specific colors to Holbein. Gamblin’s manganese violet is very similar to the mineral violet. Other terra vertes are not the same color as the Holbein brand.

A good source for Holbein materials is or 800-790-2552.

I recommend bristle brushes, such as hog bristle, in flats, sizes 4 to 10 or 12.

I also use a smaller size synthetic round, e.g. 2 or 4.

I usually use linen panels, Claussens 15 or 66 canvas. Try to avoid panels that are too smooth and have no tooth. Plan on two panels per day.

 I would like to see smaller sized panels or canvases used in the workshop. A finished 9x12 or 12x16 is much better than a partially covered 20x26. With this in mind, please limit your panel and canvas size.

TURPENOID OR GAMSOL ONLY! Please do not bring “oderless mineral spirits” or “Turpernoid Natural”. Please, no mediums during the workshop.

Check with the workshop organization regarding easels.



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